The sweet smell of the plants, moist soil, and trees fills the air. As I look upon the wonder of the glassy reflection of the overcast sky on the water, I can’t help but to be awed at the beauty that surrounds me. I hear the call of a raven in the distance and the bellow of a moose in response, and I smile. The hike out to Benjie’s lake was a great way to start my morning. Feeling the soggy ground squish beneath my feet, I make the mile trek back to my car to see what lies around the next corner. The entire time on this trail, I don’t pass another person. I have this area all to myself.


After this 2 mile hike, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I even continue on and do a 5.7 mile hike for lunch. Making the drive up to Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia was well worth it. My trip turned international when I decided to head into Canada from Maine. I had several people that I met along the way tell me that I had to se the Cabot Trail, so I headed up there. The beauty of this place will forever be locked in my memory. Driving the Cabot Trail and seeing the coast line of this island was incredible! Some areas remind me of Alaska, with the low, squishy tundra and kettle ponds; yet other areas remind me of driving the California coastline along Highway 1.


As I stood on a cliff looking out to sea, a majestic Bald Eagle glides past me at perfect eye level. I watch it soar on the wind and dream of flight. To be able to spread your wings and just let the wind carry you. Then I realize, that is exactly what I am doing. It may not be the wind carrying me, but the path is just as dynamic and just as turbulent. The ups and downs. The sudden gusts that leave you struggling with your footing. Forces that you may not see or only see coming by the ripple of the leaves of the trees, or the violent sway of the grass. Then there are the forces of the wind that are soothing and calming that cause the grasses to sway gently in a perfect summer breeze.


As I make my way back into the United States, I reflect on the experiences that I had in Canada. I met so many wonderful people and got so many great tips on locations to see. I went to a small church and felt so welcomed by their community. So many of them were so excited about my trip and what I am doing right now. I went to the Bay of Fundy which has some of the greatest variations of the tides in the world. During low tide, you can walk out to the ocean floor, which at high tide will be under around 50 feet of water! One of the locals in Alma, New Brunswick, told me that the local fishermen only have about a 4-5 hour window twice a day in which they can get in and out of the harbor.


During my nearly two months on the road, I have had moments of sadness and loneliness that come with taking a trip like this alone. I’m still trying to figure out my purpose in life and where to go from here. I’ve had times of great joy by seeing the beauty, but then have a moment of a prick at the heart because I’m not sharing these incredible moments with anyone. Every day I learn something new. Every day I grow more. Every day, my eyes are opened to the community around me. There is so much uncertainty in what lies ahead and let me say that not knowing where you’ll be sleeping each night gets old quick.  One thing that I do know deep in my heart is that with every mile I log, every road that I turn down: I am exactly where I need to be right now.