I was working a great job for a private school in Silicon Valley, but I just wasn’t happy. I have a work to live mentality and Silicon Valley has very much a “live to work” mentality. So I decided that instead, I just want to live and experience life!

I had this tugging in my gut for months to just drop everything and hit the road. The opportunity finally provided itself and I gave notice at my job. In August 2013 I hit the road on a 10,000 mile journey throughout the US that ended up being 15,000 miles. I took a lot of photos that I shared online.

My Name is K.C. and I was nowhere near where I expected to be at this point in my life. This is my journey. If you are sitting there thinking, “Man! I wish that I could have done something like this!”, then follow my blog and live vicariously through me! I hope that you get as much out of this journey as I know that I did.