Aboriginal Cave Painting

People often do things at the urging of others. Sometimes all that they really need is a small word of encouragement and they will take a leap of faith. Sometimes, amazing things can happen!

It’s extraordinary when you sit down and look at events that had to play out for you to be exactly where you are, right now: Chances that you took, opportunities that you turned down, they all led you to where you are right at this very moment. My sister and I were on the phone reminiscing about how we used to play RockBand until all hours of the night five years ago, and looking at how far we have come since my days of despair from my divorce. I took a leap of faith doing things that I never dreamed that I would do, like performing in a musical and leaving a stable job to pursue a dream. We can touch other people’s lives through what seem like small interactions that change the course of someones life.

For me, one point that made me really know that I could step away from things and take a chance on the unknown was a woman that I went out on a couple of dates with. She left her home, her family, and the country that she grew up in for the opportunities offered to us here in this country. Why can’t we take a leap of faith? We are truly the only ones holding ourselves back.

I am going to issue a challenge to you all: Encourage someone today! Be a pillar of strength. Greet your neighbor. Say hello to that new person that you have seen at church or in your class. It won’t always have immediate results, but it will make a difference. Leading up to this journey, I am making a point to say hello to a stranger that crosses my path on a daily basis. It’s amazing how a smile can shape someone’s day!