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I was tired of the daily grind. I was tired of the disconnection from community that I felt. I was tired of working 50 weeks per year, with only 2 weeks for vacation, yet upon return from vacation having to work extra hours before and after to make up the missed two weeks of work that continued to pile up in my absence.

I decided to turn my back on the norm. I decided to just hit the road. What am I saving my money for if not to enjoy life. In our working culture, we tend to save our money until we die, and then pass it along to our families when we leave this life, since we can’t take it with us. I wanted to escape that norm. I gave notice at my job and am now preparing for a journey. A pilgrimage of sorts. I’m placing my trust in God, that this is what he has planned for me. To really experience life, and this beautiful country that I was born in.